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Refund Policy

In general, refunds are not given.  There are some circumstances which may otherwise allow for a proper refund. 

Our refund policy is as such:

  1. Refunds are not guaranteed, nor are they always denied; they are awarded sparingly depending on the circumstances of the refund's request.
  2. Typically refunds require a medical reasoning for withdrawal from the team.
  3. Refunds are NOT given for issues regarding playing time.
  4. If a player wants to withdraw from the team because they feel they are being bullied or similar by teammates or the coaching staff, we request you set up a meeting with us to discuss solutions to the issue prior to requesting a refund.  We take bullying and hazing as a serious issue and is a direct violation of our Code of Conduct.
  5. Requests for a refund must include a time to meet with the General Manager and (at least) one other board member
  6. Refunds are loosely-based on a pro-rated return that stems from the beginning date of regular season practices through four weeks prior to the end of the regular season (a span of typically 6-7 weeks).  For instance, a refund request at week three, if allowed, will typically garner a 50% return of the original registration cost.
  7. Refunds are given based on original registration cost.  For example, if you register early and that registration is $200, this is the maximum amount that may be refunded.  If you register during the regular registration period and request a refund, $350 would be the maximum value you may be refunded.
  8. Late fees will not be included in the total refundable amount.
  9. The Yellowstone Valley Lacrosse Board reserves the right to determine the total value to be refunded, on a case-by-case basis.
  10. The board will vote on the refund request's validity; the amount to be refunded will then be determined.
  11. Refunds will be issued by check only, no cash or credit.
  12. A refund check will be issued to the requesting party only once all jerseys and loaned equipment have been returned in working condition.  If a player purchased any equipment as part of a financial aid plan, that equipment will be purchased back, provided it is in working order, at a reduced rate of 50% of the original purchase price.  If equipment or jerseys are not in working order, the cost to replace such equipment or jersey will be deducted from the total amount of the refund.
  13. Refund checks will be written to the individual who originally paid the registration fees.  For example, if father Bob wrote the original check, the refund check will be written in Bob's name only.

 Use the link below to request a refund:

Set Up a Refund Request Meeting

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