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Financial Aid Policy

As coaches we understand the financial hardships of this sport, particularly for a new player.  There's the uniform, the equipment (cleats, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, stick, helmet, cup, mouth guard, etc.), the travel, the food, the hotels, the list goes on.  We've done our best to eliminate or reduce a large portion of costs including:  Jerseys (club owns two full sets of jerseys, including one reversible set), helmets (work with our equipment providers to provide a reduced rate through club purchases, typically around 30% off), equipment (again working with our providers and our First Stick grants to provide reduced rate rental equipment or reduced rate equipment for purchase), and reduced registration fees (thanks to our generous sponsors).  However, we understand there are always hardships that occur.

We are willing to work with anyone who requires or desires financial aid from Yellowstone Valley Lacrosse.  The policy is listed as such:

  1. Player must attend practice every day (if possible) or set up a meeting with the coaching staff to create an attendance plan.  Attendance is an extreme component of any sport, particularly lacrosse where teamwork trumps individual skill and conditioning is key.
  2. Player must work hard at  practice every day.  We will not loan equipment or reduce rates for players who show up regularly but refuse to put in the effort to improve.
  3. Parent must request financial aid and provide a reasoning for hardship.  We understand this is a difficult thing to do, however we are willing to allow your child to be a part of something bigger than they are that they will remember for the rest of their lives and possibly even provide that for no cost at all.  We need to make sure that as a non-profit club we are covering this cost for a reason.
  4. Player must provide, in writing, the reasoning for why they want to play lacrosse and what they expect to get out of the season.  This should be approximately no longer than a page.
  5. If a player decides they do not want to continue playing after the season, all purchased equipment is to be sold back to Yellowstone Valley Lacrosse at a 50% rate of original purchase price in working order prior to the End of the Year Banquet.  If equipment was loaned, that equipment must be returned in working order prior to the End of the Year Banquet.  All jerseys and shorts must also be returned prior to the banquet.
  6. The coaching staff will not travel with any players, unless a charter bus is being utilized.  All travel plans will be up to the family to determine and it is encouraged that players car pool with other families if needed.
  7. Player will abide, and adhere, to the Player Code of Conduct.  If a player is found in contempt of the contract, they will be reprimanded accordingly.
  8. Parents will abide, and adhere, to the Parent Code of Conduct.  Again, we do not tolerate anything besides what has been set forth. 

If you are interested, you will need to use the link provided to put in a request for financial aid. As usual, we will require a meeting to be set up to further discuss your options and how we can help!

Set Up a Financial Aid Meeting

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