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Game Day Action Plan



HEAD COACH: Ryan "Big Business" Wilson

ASSOCIATED HEAD COACH: Brynn "Papa Smurf" Schwarz

SIDELINE COORDINATOR: Skyler "The Face" Christiaens

DEFENSE COORDINATOR: Dusten "Head North" Peterson

ASSISTANT 2: Jake "The Viper" Vopel




PHOTOGRAPHER: Dane "Same Day" McCollum

VIDEOGRAPHER: "Skyscraper" Jordan


The individual game day coaching duties are as such:

1)   HEAD COACH: Oversees all coaches on sideline.  It is the head coach's duty to assume responsibility for each coach's actions, including verbal and non-verbal.  The head coach is the only coach allowed to speak to the officials at any time from 15 minutes prior to the game to 15 minutes after, unless the officials require communication with another coach.  The head coach has sole responsibility for signaling of time outs.  The head coach is liable for his team's sideline (parents, volunteers, spectators) behavior.  The head coach has the final decision on lineups and substitutions.  The head coach is required to present a lineup card to the table manager, give captains names/numbers to the officiating crew, and if at home, walk the field to ensure there are no issues that could cause injury or other.  The head coach has the option of first to speak during timeouts, halftime, and post game huddles.  The head coach is required to obtain the score book post game and tally up statistics and present the score and statistics to both the MLA and LaxPower.  The head coach is solely responsible to ensure his players are legally equipped and ready to play.

2)     GENERAL MANAGER: Aids head coach with overseeing of coaches.  Oversees the table manager and scorer's manager.  Works with head coach before games to ensure the field is prepared for game play including having cones and balls prepped for the end line and side line, double checking painted lines, examining the nets, and ensuring the field has no issues that could cause injury or other.  The general manager brings extra team gear (jerseys, shorts, mouth guards, team sticks, backup protective equipment, etc.), works with the team parents to ensure water is provided, and works with any parents requesting presence on the team sideline (for photography/videography reasoning only).  He will work with the assistant to make sure the cones and balls are retrieved post game and delegate players as needed to help return the field to its original state by moving goals, cones, tables, chairs, trash, etc. to their respective places.

3)     SIDELINE COORDINATOR: The sideline coordinator works in conjunction with the box coordinator to ensure smooth substitutions and offensive and defensive game play.  The sideline coordinator oversees game play on the field and works with the head coach to make play calls and adjustments, as well as identify any illegal play that needs to be addressed from the head coach to the officials.  The sideline coordinator is required to be observant of physical condition of players and make substitutions as they see necessary.  Team huddles at timeouts will center around the sideline coordinator and the head coach.  The sideline coordinator is responsible for working with the box coordinator to make sure his sideline is kept neat and orderly, with all bags lined up properly, trash kept picked up, etc.

4)     BOX COORDINATOR: The box coordinator is responsible for ensuring all substitutions are run properly and orderly.  The box coordinator needs to make sure his "next six up" are at the front of the line, and not past the line.  He should always have his LSM players first in line, followed by the "next six up".  He should keep a straight line, back 10 yards from the sideline.  He must be observant of the condition of players and their equipment, making sure they are ready to step foot on the field.  The box coordinator should work with the assistant to repair damaged sticks including changing shafts, restringing and replacing heads.  The box coordinator must know all players' names and have a general idea of strengths and weaknesses, as well as who works well together on the field.

5)      ASSISTANT: The assistant's sole responsibility is to help any coach where needed.  The assistant will be required first and foremost to help with the box coordinator, helping ensure a neat and orderly line and keeping players in their respective spots.  He should have basic knowledge of stringing and repairing sticks, and should make sure he has a screwdriver handy to swap out shafts or heads.  The assistant will be learning various sideline duties and will work with the head coach, general manager, sideline coordinator, and box coordinator at differing times.  He should assist in the pregame walk-around to ensure the field is up to par and has no issues that could cause injury or other.  He will help the general manager place balls and cones around the field as well as retrieve them post game.

In the event the head coach (or either coach) cannot attend a game, the previously mentioned sideline hierarchy is laid out as such:

1)      The box coordinator will assume head coach duties.  The general manager will assist the head coach, box coordinator and sideline/table where they need assistance in pregame and post game activities.

2)     In the event the head coach and box coordinator are not available, the sideline coordinator will assume these duties working with the general manager's assistance.

3)     The box coordinator will work with all coaches to determine a line up.

4)     The sideline coordinator will take a more active role in substitutions, working with the box coordinator to ensure there is a continued smooth transition and game flow.  He will also work with the box coordinator to determine when to take time outs or who is best to be on the field for a given situation.

5)      The general manager and the assistant will help players with their stick and equipment issues, as well as keeping an eye on players on and off the field to ensure they're physically able to play.

6)     All coaches will continue to work together to achieve our common goal and mission.

7)      The post game score book duties will be handed to the general manager.

In the event of a long-period of unavailability the head coach's attendance:

1)      The box coordinator will indefinitely assume all head coaching responsibilities.  The websites (,, and Montana Lacrosse) will be changed to reflect such.

2)     If prepared, the assistant will assume box coordinator duties.  He will work with the new head coach and the sideline coordinator to achieve a smooth transition of substitution and sideline order.

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