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Camps, clinics, day camps, academies, tournaments; where do I start?  Here's three suggestions to think about:

Get the best coaching, instruction, and days you can receive for the best price.  Does it offer overnight lodging and meals?  If not, that will add to your cost.  Many camps are put on by college players, who, while often provide useful knowledge and insight, too often turn the day into a "Who can shoot the hardest?" contest, or "Who has the best trick shot?"  We know camps are not cheap, often times stretching several hundred dollars.  But how many days is the camp?  If it provides lodging and meals, look at how much it will be to attend on a per day basis.  Many camps give away free equipment or have reduced rates on gear.  Could that birthday stick be bought at the camp at half-price?  Is it worth it for your player to go to the Denver Camps, when right now his or her skill set and lacrosse IQ is better suited for the Billings day clinic?  Some camps are more suited to higher-level players, where others are great for new players.

Get a program that might provide you exposure to college coaches for recruiting purposes.  This does not have to be NCAA level, but in general you want some coaches to be there that coach college teams.  Not only will they be watching you, but they may have some great contacts to whom you may reach out.  In lacrosse, the age-old adage "It's not what you know, but who you know" goes deep.  The tight-knit lacrosse community sticks together and you may find that you're only a couple of degrees of separation away from multiple head coaches.  Plus, when everyone is going after the same top one hundred players, small schools would love to get their hands on an unknown player from Montana.

Think about the location.  Could you plan a family vacation around the camp?  Maybe while the player is out sweating and putting in the extra effort, you can get away for some time of your own.  Many camps are out around 3 PM, providing you time to explore the location that evening.  Many camps also only last three or four days, providing you a few days before or after the camp to explore, if you were to take a week off.  Many single-day clinics are on a Friday or Saturday; you could consider taking a long weekend to take advantage of that.  Also, how far away is the program or where do the tournaments take place?  You'll have to get there first to attend it.  That's an added hidden cost.

This is a list of "nearby" camps and clinics and is in no way complete.  We are constantly updating this list and adding to it as more camps are found.  If you know of a camp and think it would be helpful to have on this list, please let us know.







Denver University Pioneers Overnight Camp

Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium, University of Colorado;

Boulder, CO

Jun 7-10

Jul 11-14

Jul 25-28

Jul 29-Aug 1

Grades 3-12 $645 overnight, $545 day

Camp Directors are Bill Tierney, Trevor Tierney, and Matt Brown (If your head coach were young enough, he would go to this camp to learn from these three in a heart beat).  This is most likely the best lineup of coaches you can get out of a camp in the West and their championship-caliber expertise covers offense, defense, and goalkeeping.

GameBreaker Lacrosse Camp

Seattle, WA

June 22-25

Ages 8-17


Clement Park Boys Camp

Littleton, CO

July 11-14

Ages 7-18


GameBreaker Lacrosse Camp

Beaverton, OR

July 07-10

Ages 8-17


GameBreaker Lacrosse Camp

Corvallis, OR

Jun 30-Jul 3

Ages 8-17


Nike Colorado Boys Lacrosse Camp 

Vail, CO

Jul 18-21

Jul 25-28

Ages 10-18 $495-$725
Nike Minnesota Boys Lacrosse Camp Northfield, MN Jul 11-14 Ages 10-18 $450-$550
Nike Oregon Boys Lacrosse Camp Corvallis, OR

Jul 17-21

Jul 24-28

Ages 10-18 $525-$625
Nike Washington Boys Lacrosse Camp Tacoma, WA Jul 31-Aug 4 Ages 10-18 $575-$675

Oregon State Lacrosse Camp

Corvallis, OR

Jul 11-14

Ages 10-18


Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR

Jul 27- 31

Ages 10-18


Rhino Lacrosse Academy Billings, MT Jul 9-10 Grades 3-12 $125-$190

Rhino Lacrosse Academy

Boise, ID

Jul 7-10

Grades 3-12


Rhino Lacrosse Academy

Bozeman, MT

Jul 11-14

Grades 3-12


Rhino Lacrosse Academy Helena, MT Jun 20-23 Grades 3-12 $255
Rhino Lacrosse Academy Jackson Hole, WY Jul 28-31 Grades 3-12 $255
Rhino Lacrosse Academy Kalispell, MT Jun 27-Jun 30 Grades 3-12 $255
Rhino Lacrosse Academy Missoula, MT Jul 26-29 Grades 3-12 $255
Rhino Lacrosse Academy Sandpoint, ID Jun 27-28 Grades 3-12 $130

Rhino Lacrosse Academy

West Linn, OR

Jun 21-24

Grades 3-12


Rhino Lacrosse Academy

Bend, OR

Jul 18-20

Grades 3-12


Lorne Smith/University of Oregon Overnight Lacrosse Camp

Eugene, OR

Jul 31-Aug 4

Ages 12-18


Lorne Smith/Sierra Nevada University Overnight Lacrosse Camp

Incline Village (Lake Tahoe), NV

Jul 18-22

Grades 9-12


Air Force Academy Boys Camp

Colorado Springs, CO

Jun 13-17

Jun 27-29

Ages 12-18

Ages 8-13


U17 Tommie Lax College Prep Overnight Camp

St. Paul, MN

Jul 29-Aug 1

Grades 10-12

$545 overnight

$385 day campers

Deadline to enter is May 20th, 2016

Bulldog Lacrosse Camp

Duluth, MN


Grades 9-12

~$450 overnight

Twin Cities Lacrosse Camps

Various, MN




Northstar Lacrosse Camps (Minneapolis, MN)

Hopkins, MN

Mahtomedi, MN

Jun 20-22

Jul 18-20

Ages 7-18 (Boys and Girls)

$298 (boys)

$250  (girls)

Sponsored by Epoch Lacrosse. Amazing staff lineup of current stars including Rob Pannell, JoJo Marasco, Greg Gurenlian, Tucker Durkin, Joe Fletcher, Austin Kaut, and Scott Rodgers for boys; Alyssa Murray, Danielle Etrasco, and Josie Owen for girls.

These are only a day camp so you'll need to find lodging.

Face Off training is provided by The Face Off Academy with Greg "The Beast" Gurenlian.

CSU Ram Camp

Fort Collins, CO

Coming soon

(Late Jul)

Grades 7-12+

$475 overnight

$350 day campers

Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse Camp

Littleton, CO

Coming soon

(Late Jul)

Grades 9-12


Register by May 1st and receive a free CO Mammoth Game Ticket

Colorado Mesa Lacrosse Camps

Grand Junction, CO

May 23-25

Jun 4

Jul 27-29

Jul 30*

Grades 9-12

$109 for Day Camps

*Prospect camps are small clinics for high school players who hold interest in playing lacrosse at the college level.

Yellowstone Lacrosse Festival/Rhino Bozeman, MT TBA 5/6, 7/8, HS & HS Elite $100 per team, $75 per player

7v7 tournament

Oregon Lacrosse Classic/Rhino Bend, OR Jul 21-24

Boys Grades 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, HS, and HS Elite

Girls Middle School and HS

Per Team:

Boys: 1/2 $1000

3/4 $1600

5/6, 7/8, HS, & HS Elite $1900

Girls: Middle School $1600

HS $1900

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