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2019 West Bandits Lacrosse  Lacrosse · Male Advanced

Spring 2019
Jan 7 ’19
May 19 ’19
Registration Dates:
Sep 1 ’18 – Nov 14 ’18 early bird
Nov 15 ’18 – Jan 31 ’19 regular
Feb 1 ’19 – Feb 28 ’19 late
Minimum age:
14 years old
Maximum age:
19 years old
Age as of:
Mar 15 ’19
Team Fees
Early Bird $350.00 per player + $15.60 Processing Fee
Regular $425.00 per player + $15.60 Processing Fee
Late $550.00 per player + $15.60 Processing Fee
Individual Fees
Early Bird $350.00 + $15.60 Processing Fee
Regular $425.00 + $15.60 Processing Fee
Late $550.00 + $15.60 Processing Fee
Payment Plans Available

This is registration for the 2019 West Billings Lacrosse Program.  Register here for both Varsity and Junior Varsity - there will be no tryouts, however there will be an evaluation process between the preseason strength and conditioning practices and the first few weeks of outdoor practices. The team entails Billings West and Central as well as Laurel High Schools.

Please note, as of 12/6/2017 the MHSLA passed an official boundary document for its clubs. If you do not attend one of the before mentioned High Schools or have been waived, you may not register for our club.


Please note, new players will need to purchase helmets and team bags, which the team will provide to you.  The team will be purchasing team gloves which can be bought by the players as an optional cost.  However the team will require all players to have white gloves by the 2019 season.  All leggings (compression pants that go below the knees), should be white.

Registration costs do not include these pieces of equipment:

  • Stick: You design this how you want.  Your Varsity Head Coaches will suggest a white head, with white stringing (probably mesh, unless you know how to string and maintain traditional), but this is not mandated.  Varsity players are expected to have two sticks, both with legal and similar pockets.  The club often carries extra sticks, both short and long, to allow players to try new positions or "cover" for a player who breaks a stick during a game.  There are many outlet lacrosse stores where you can buy cheap backup sticks and then string them.  Some of the coaches are excellent stringers and will string sticks for a price, depending on whether you supply the stringing or not.
  • Shoulder pads with (optional, but preferred by the coaching staff) hard plastic caps.  Shoulder pads are REQUIRED to cover the sternum and collar bones.  The shoulder pads should be an appropriate size for the player, i.e. not too small to where they barely protect.
  • Arm pads/guards with hard elbow cap protection.  Size does not matter, these should be comfortable and allow for mostly unrestricted movement.  If possible, purchase white arm pads.
  • Gloves.  Color must be white.  Palms and fingers must be free of size-able (greater than a nickel) holes.  If you are developing holes now, consider purchasing a new pair.  Team gloves will be available when the design and store are finalized.
  • Cleats with molded hard plastic bottoms (metal spikes are prohibited, though metal tips are allowed).  Most players wear something at 3/4 or higher up on their ankles.  "Lacrosse" cleats are not mandatory, though they are often designed with the motion of the sport in mind.
  • Mouth guard.  Cannot be clear or white; must be obvious to an official from 10 yards away you are wearing a mouth guard.  Recommended brand is SISU - form fitting, great insurance policy, allows for breathing, drinking, and talking.  Can be reshaped easily.  Mouth guards are required every day at practice and at games.  Mouth guards can be shaped to the top or bottom teeth.
  • Cup.  We think this is obvious, though technically the cup is not required on field players except for goal keepers.  However, everyone will have multiple opportunities during practices and games to be in the way of a shot or stick check coming their way.  If the hard plastic cup bothers you that much and you don't play goalie or defense, try out a soft cup; it's a rigid, somewhat flexible cup that allows for running without restriction, with its difference being it's not hard, molded plastic.

New to lacrosse and finding all of this daunting?  Check out some package deals at places like, which provide the protective pads and a stick and that should cover most of what you need.

Curious about the registration cost?  Lacrosse is still a young sport, and growing pains are hard.  We need to cover expenses that include: league dues for teams and per player, officiating dues for ~16-18 games, field expenses for practice and games, team required equipment (goals, balls, cones, first aid, stick repair, sideline needs, water, ice, etc.), our end of the year banquet, team apparel and gear bags, offset costs to coaches and staff, travel costs, web hosting, registration systems, etc.  We do our best with sponsorship work, our golf tournament, and other events to keep the cost as reasonable as we can, while providing the best opportunity for the kids to play a sport we (the staff and coaches) love and know the kids learn to love as well.  We also make sure we are continuing to innovate by bringing in new camps and opportunities for the players to thrive and become better players and young men as they grow through life.  We've kept a fairly stable cost for the past four years and will always offer both payment plans and financial aid opportunities.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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